Maison Jean Rousseau: beyond the craftsmanship, a passion for 70 years

What motivates a craftsman day after day, year after year?

At Jean Rousseau, it’s a profound passion for craftsmanship that has shaped every stage over the past seven decades. Since 1954, the Maison epitomizes not only artisanal excellence but also a precious French traditional heritage, passed down within this family-owned com …


Interview with Koji Nakazawa, Founder of Celieu

Koji Nakazawa is the founder of Celieu, a Japanese brand established in 2022.

Specializing in watch cases and pouches, Celieu combines meticulous craftsmanship with functional design to enhance the watch-wearing experience. In this interview, Koji Nakazawa shares his journey, his vision for the watch enthusiasts’ community, and the story behind h …


Velcro Watch Straps by Jean Rousseau Paris

Exclusive novelties in the Atlantique Collection

The Atlantique Collection by Jean Rousseau Paris is enhanced with a touch of freshness with the new Velcro straps! In keeping with the spirit of contrasts and elegance that characterizes this collection, these new straps add a sporty and casual dimension to your favorit …


70 Years of History: The Journey of Maison Jean Rousseau

A Tale of Craftsmanship and Passion, from Besançon to Troyes

Once upon a time, in 1954, in the charming town of Besançon, in France, there was a visionary man named Jean Rousseau. Craftsman and long-time manager of a leather goods workshop, he decided to create his own company, Sobralux, with the vision of producing exceptional …


Atlantique Collection by Jean Rousseau Paris

A bold fusion of contrasts and elegant materials

Victor Hugo, a French renowned writer, during the summer of 1843, embarked on a journey to the Basque Country and made several stops, including Pasajes in Guipuscoa. But it was Biarritz that left a lasting impression on him. So, he wrote: “I know of no other place mor …


Eska Watches X Jean Rousseau

Bringing harmony to the rebirth of the legendary Amphibian

Christophe Chevreton and Sinicha Knezevic have embarked on an ambitious dream: to revive Eska & Co’s famous Amphibian 600.


New Lumières collection: natural crocodile leather with a shiny pop

Imagine a supple, naturally elegant crocodile leather strap on your watch.

Suddenly, a flick of your wrist brings out a flash of iridescent or metallic shine. Like a stroke of genius in the midst of classicism… “or like a touch of pop to liven up a very authentic material. That’s the beauty of our new Lumières collection”, says Anaïs Bordi …


Jean Rousseau sets up its workshop at the heart of Samaritaine Paris

"You can find everything at Samaritaine" is the motto of the most famous department store in Paris. Everything? Or better than everything, since a Jean Rousseau workshop is now offering its exclusive craftsmanship, at the heart of the watchmaking area of the prestigious store on the banks of the Pont-Neuf.

Since December 2023 – just in time for fully customized Christmas gifts – the Jean Rousseau corner of Samaritaine Paris is offering a wide choice of ready-to-wear watch straps in hundreds of combinations of shape, leather and colour, as well as exceptional leather goo …


Sericyne x Jean Rousseau: the confluence of two exceptional know-how

Joint interview of Clara Hardy, founder of Sericyne and Anaïs Bordier brand manager at Jean Rousseau.

Settled in the French region of the Cévennes since 2015, Maison Sericyne produces an entirely natural nonwoven silk. The brand restarted an old silkworms breeding branch and manufactures exceptional objects made out of additive silk. As a part of a new collaboration, J …


Open House 2023: behind the scenes of Jean Rousseau’s Atelier-Boutique

Let’s take a glimpse behind the workshop doors.

From June 22 to 24, Jean Rousseau’s Atelier-Boutique in New York opened its doors for a three-day Open House. Visitors were invited to a behind-the-scenes tour of the workshop where Jean Rousseau’s watch straps are handcrafted, right at the heart of New York, and to …

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