Sericyne x Jean Rousseau: the confluence of two exceptional know-how

Joint interview of Clara Hardy, founder of Sericyne and Anaïs Bordier brand manager at Jean Rousseau.

Settled in the French region of the Cévennes since 2015, Maison Sericyne produces an entirely natural nonwoven silk. The brand restarted an old silkworms breeding branch and manufactures exceptional objects made out of additive silk. As a part of a new collaboration, Jean Rousseau and Sericyne have just created a collection that combines silk and leather goods, connecting, in this way, both Manufactures’ know-how.

How did this collaboration between both houses start?

Anaïs Bordier. We were greatly seduced by this new material, which allows us to create objects that highlight French historical know-how. It is the perfect combination of our Maisons. Sericyne silk is very beautiful but also resistant. And it has some very interesting properties for leather goods.

Clara Hardy. We had this project of working with silk to integrate it into watch straps or leather goods. A year and a half ago, we launched the first tests and tried to improve the material with the help of Jean Rousseau in order to meet the material tests requirements. Then we assembled the first products such as cardholders, so that the leather workers could try working with this material. In collaboration with Anaïs, we designed collections that highlight the know-how of both of our Maisons.

What does Sericyne silk add to Jean Rousseau products?

Anaïs Bordier. We have tested Sericyne silk on different types of watch straps: it gives to the watch strap an esthetic and a different touch. It is also sturdy and resistant to water and friction. This silk allows us to imagine any kind of shapes and finishes, depending on our customers’ projects, and ours! We are preparing a new collection of colorful cardholders and we are working together on another project based on the use of gold leaf.

What are the know-how this project highlights?

Anaïs Bordier. Sericyne silk is a 100% natural material produced in France. Clara and her team restarted the agricultural activity of silkworm breeding in the Cévennes French region: an historical activity based in an historical French place. They patented a very innovating production technic. Sericyne represented what we were looking for regarding our luxury products: exceptional, rare, durable and natural materials.

Clara Hardy. When I started Sericyne ten years ago there wasn’t any silkworm rearers left in France. Therefore, to rebuild this sector, I hired agriculture engineers who studied silkworm breeding in order to teach its technics to local farmers. The project was to revive this tradition as well as the local economy of the Cévennes, which are an historical land for silkworms. Now, our team works every day to create a made-to-measure material according to our customers’ demands.

What did you learn from this collaboration?

Clara Hardy. We have made great technical progress in order to adapt our silk to the watch straps and leather goods industry. But above all, it is also a human adventure, between two beautiful French Maisons. It’s only the beginning: although they are still secret, we have more projects to come, they combine our know-how to create joint collections.

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