Sericyne x Jean Rousseau: the confluence of two exceptional know-how

Joint interview of Clara Hardy, founder of Sericyne and Anaïs Bordier brand manager at Jean Rousseau.

Settled in the French region of the Cévennes since 2015, Maison Sericyne produces an entirely natural nonwoven silk. The brand restarted an old silkworms breeding branch and manufactures exceptional objects made out of additive silk. As a part of a new collaboration, J …


Open House 2023: behind the scenes of Jean Rousseau’s Atelier-Boutique

Let’s take a glimpse behind the workshop doors.

From June 22 to 24, Jean Rousseau’s Atelier-Boutique in New York opened its doors for a three-day Open House. Visitors were invited to a behind-the-scenes tour of the workshop where Jean Rousseau’s watch straps are handcrafted, right at the heart of New York, and to …


Rolex Daytona: a bespoke design challenge

It all began with a challenge.

An American collector wrote to Jacques Bordier, president of Jean Rousseau, in December 2021: “Monsieur Bordier: In 2009, I inherited a gold Rolex Daytona (model 6241; 1969 edition) from my father. It is a classic vintage watch and quite valuable. For years, I have been …


Jean Rousseau X Havid Nagan: A paradoxical newcomer

Havid Nagan: “A vision of the past, for the future” Aren Bazerkanian

“Paradoxical Timepieces”: Havid Nagan’s tagline reflects its creator’s keenness on combining classical watchmaking and innovative design, an approach that Jean Rousseau itself thrives for. So when Aren Bazerkanian contacted us with ideas for his first line of wa …


Bars, stars and straps: Burdeen’s celebrates Panerai watch launch with a Chicago-themed watch strap “made by Jean Rousseau, obviously”

by Josh Nigut, Burdeen’s Vice President

Burdeen’s Jewelry has been the place to go for custom, unique watches in Chicago for more than 40 years. On September 14, 2022, Burdeen’s celebrated its partnership with watchmaker Panerai with a very limited edition of a Chicago-themed watch strap. Josh Nigut, Burd …


"The collaboration between Sawaya and Maison Jean Rousseau reflects our sincere desire to take care of materials"

Jyubei Sawaya, obi weaver at Sawaya

Founded in Kyoto in 1776, the Sawaya house has distinguished itself in the art of hand weaving. For nearly 250 years, this house has notably been manufacturing obis (belts) of exceptional quality. Jyubei Sawaya embodies the 8th generation of Kimono Masters in the family …


Meet the connoisseurs: Kevin Griegel, sales and e-commerce specialist at Burdeen's

by Kevin Griegel

Founded in 1980, Burdeen’s Jewelry is an American family-owned company specialized in luxury jewelry and watches with a “always custom” mantra. Today, Kevin Griegel, their Sales and E-commerce specialist talks about what makes the strength of the partnership betwe …


A Japanese September for Jean Rousseau

Among Jean Rousseau’s historical anchor countries, Japan is at the forefront. For years, we have had the honor of having our atelier-boutique as well as maintaining privileged relationships with watchmaking and noble materials’ enthusiasts.


“I like Jean Rousseau’s attitude of always aiming higher”, Naoya Hida, Japanese independent watchmaker

by Naoya Hida

Naoya Hida is the founder of Naoya Hida & Co., an independent watchmaker based in Tokyo, Japan, offering high-end watches in very limited numbers. For the past years, Naoya Hida and our teams have imagined and created custom-made watchstraps. Today, Naoya Hida tells us …


Meet the connoisseurs : Henrik Schwiening from the Blancpain blog, alias @shortyshome

by Henrik Schwiening

Henrik Schwiening is a long time watch collector. He runs Blancpain’s blog and is also active on Instagram under the pseudonym of shortyshome, an account dedicated to fine timepieces and photography. He has accepted to tell us about his passion and his appreciation of …

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