Maison Jean Rousseau’s Nomadic Workshop Travel The World

December is looking exciting for Maison Jean Rousseau as the brand is launching its first nomadic workshops! In Hong Kong, Paris, Osaka and Fukuoka, craftsmen from the Manufacture will be meeting with clients and show the excellence of their know-how.

Worldwide Maison Jean Rousseau has wished to celebrate its cooperation with a few prestigious stores in Hong Kong, France and Japan by establishing unique nomadic workshops. In December, Maison Jean Rousseau will therefore be meeting with clients in four major cities:

For each event, a craftsman working at the French Manufacture of Besancon (Franche-Comte) will meet with clients and hold a live demonstration of the firm’s excellent know-how. Watchstraps and small leather goods will be exhibited and available for sale. Clients will also be able to order custom-made creations.

Jean Rousseau craftsmen will demonstrate part of handmade techniques adopted within the Manufacture for all creations signed Jean Rousseau: handmade seams, assembly of leather parts, etc. Clients will also be offered a live customization of their Jean Rousseau purchases by hot stamping.

According to the city, other initiatives will be taken: in Osaka for instance, clients will be having an exclusive presentation of Maison Jean Rousseau’s latest collection, “Card game”, and be offered1 to leave with a personalized key-ring.


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