Classic 5.0 watch strap navy nubuck alligator

Material and finish
The width includes 2 figures, expressed in millimetres (mm).
The first figure measures the width of the strap “between the lugs”, i.e where the strap is attached to the watch case.
The second figure measures the strap at the buckle (generally there is 1mm, or more frequently, 2mm difference between the width “between the lugs” and the width “at the buckle”.
As an example - size 14/12 (14mm “between the lugs” / 12mm “at the buckle”), 18/16, etc.
All our straps can be ordered with a Jean Rousseau buckle (stainless steel or gold plated), in this particular case, you will only need to measure the necessary size of your watch “between the lugs”. However, if you want to use the original buckle of your watch, you will absolutely need to carefully take both measurements and send us a bespoke request.
Our standard length sizes include 2 figures, both expressed in millimetres (mm).
The first figure measures the length of the short part of your strap (the one carrying the buckle) and the second one, the long part.
-L size: 85 / 115 mm – i.e. 85 mm for the short part (the one with the buckle) and 115 mm for the long part
- M size: 70 / 110 mm
-S size: 65 / 105 mm
Our straps can be equipped with quick release spring bars. Thanks to its ingenious mechanism, these quick release bars allow the customer to quickly change his/her watch strap according to the occasion.
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Jean Rousseau's Classic watch strap with 5mm thick padding is perfect for watches with large dials. It comes in a wide range of materials, colors, and is ready to customize.


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Transform your timepiece with our new collection of nubuck alligator straps. This water repellent alligator high-end leather showcases a sublime, smooth finish which gives a classy and sporty look to your wrist. The padding of 5.0 mm thickness at the watch case mixed with alligator nubuck highlights with perfection the Jean Rousseau savoir-faire when innovation meets tradition.

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Jean Rousseau is dedicated to fulfilling requests for personalized leather goods. If a product has caught your eye but you prefer a certain color, material, or stitching, let us know and we will create a customized item just for you. We will gladly devote our expertise to hand-craft your unique piece.


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The Collection


For its new collection, Jean Rousseau invites you to stroll along the elegant beaches of the Atlantic. The Maison was inspired by the contrasting architecture of the towns on the French Côte d’Argent and the summer elegance of its visitors.
The Atlantique collection is full of contrasts and elegant materials. Made of nubuck alligator, soft calf, fabric and even rubber, the straps and small leather goods from this collection are perfect for a classy summer look and will fit any elegant timepiece.
The collection features timeless straps such as the Classic 3.5 but also new ones like the Velcro watch strap. The collection also enhances the materials with items like the Soft Watch Roll.

Atlantique Atlantique
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The Manufacture


Manufacture Jean Rousseau creations draw on expertise that has been recognised for over sixty years by the most prestigious brands. Each article is meticulously crafted to guarantee exceptional quality. A skilled and enthusiastic team creates items that meet the most exacting standards every day.