Meet the connoisseurs: Kevin Griegel, sales and e-commerce specialist at Burdeen's

by Kevin Griegel

Founded in 1980, Burdeen’s Jewelry is an American family-owned company specialized in luxury jewelry and watches with a “always custom” mantra. Today, Kevin Griegel, their Sales and E-commerce specialist talks about what makes the strength of the partnership between Burdeen’s Jewelry and Jean Rousseau.

“Jean Rousseau and Burdeen’s Jewelry share a value of attention to detail”

We discovered the work of Maison Jean Rousseau through their excellent work in the industry. We wanted to bring a custom offering to our clients and felt Jean Rousseau was the perfect partner. Jean Rousseau is at the pinnacle of custom straps. The ability of its craftsmen to create one-of-a-kind items that meet and exceed the client’s expectation goes a long way to create a unique experience. It is very important to us.


“Jean Rousseau straps carry a story”

Jean Rousseau’s customization offer is an important point of our partnership as customization helps create a personal tie for the customer. A unique Jean Rousseau strap helps create a personal connection between a client and their watch. It also helps us best understand what is important to our clients. Whether it’s about associating their favorite watch to a strap matching their favorite college, or recreating a vintage strap on an heirloom piece, Jean Rousseau straps carry a story. Jean Rousseau reflects the spirit of our brand because it offers a personal touch to a client’s timepiece, just like Burdeen’s Jewelry offers a personal touch to the luxury timepiece buying experience. Jean Rousseau and Burdeen’s Jewelry also share a value of attention to detail, and a personal experience.

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