How is a collection made? Find about the creation process at Manufacture Jean Rousseau

by Anaïs Bordier

Our creation process starts with a lot of open conversations. The first idea can come from anyone: a coworker, someone from a subsidiary, my father, me… even from a loyal customer! We gather our ideas and explore different directions before I start to work on a mood board. This mood board will collect all my inspirations: pictures, drawings and my thoughts about designs, volumes, color. For instance, our latest collection – that will be on sale next summer – and its vintage blue and camel (alligator) patinas, was directly inspired by the Moroccan artwork.

Once the mood board is done comes an important work on textures that we share with our tannery while volumes and designs are examined with prototype designers. When we agree on the lead to follow, a prototype is issued and discussed with everybody. Does it have the good height? Width? Do we add or suppress a pocket? What about the texture? Etc. Although I love to create the mood boards, this might be my favorite moment. This is a time when we really get our hands dirty, when we all debate the product, how it fits with our universe or is innovative. Everyone is involved until a final prototype is launched to be showed – alongside with an entire collection of accessories – at the Pitti Uomo fashion fair in Florence, Italy.

This creation process takes about 3 to 4 months. During all that time, my father and I share a lot. I think I provide him with my creative eye and my experience in developing a collection but his own experience, especially on sales, marketing and communication, is absolutely key to the brand… and to me!

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