by Jacques Bordier

In face of the environmental and societal challenges that determine the future of our planet, everyone has a role to play and companies make no exception. While a large number of them mostly engage active communication campaigns, we at Jean Rousseau sincerely defend a value that drives our daily work: ethics.

Our ethics takes the scrupulous respect of the regulation as its base. Whether it is the Washington Convention on protected species or the European regulation REACH on the use of chemical products, we make all the necessary efforts that are expected by a business activity such as ours.

But our ethics goes further, beyond the requirements of the regulation. Our creations, genuinely “hand made in France”, are made in the same production unit in Besancon. Our particular location, in the heart of nature, reminds us everyday what are our obligations and responsibility towards the environment. That is why we have made important investments to limit water use inside the skin treatment unit and ensure the compliance of wastewaters.

Talking about nature leads us to animals. Contrary to many luxury brands, we have always refused to use fur and skins from wild and domestic animals such as elephants, seals or even horses (Cordovan). Skins used at Jean Rousseau come from farms controlled by an official American agency: Fish&Wild Life. Moreover, we have launched a “100% non leather” collection of watchstraps and small leather goods, made from textile, rubber, cork or wood.

Last but not least: our employees. They are directly concerned by our ethics’ principles. Beyond our training policy to develop knowledge and know-how, we set up healthy, manufacturing processes among which the use of water based glues. Furthermore, all the substances handled in our workshops have been strictly analyzed in collaboration with occupational healthcare professionals and a French hygiene and health institution (CHSCT).

These ethical values are not only elements or our pride; they are components of Jean Rousseau’s identity. If I expect Anaïs will take the lead in pursuing our commitments, I have absolutely no doubt she will be extremely rigorous on these subjects.

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