Manufacture Jean Rousseau was awarded France excellence label for the 3rd time!

Manufacture Jean Rousseau was awarded France excellence label for the 3rd time!

by Jacques Bordier

Since 2007, Manufacture Jean Rousseau was consistently awarded the EPV label, standing for Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company). We are so very proud of this distinction, conferred by the French government for a period of five years. Renewed in 2012 and again in 2017, this label stands out as a genuine guarantee of excellence and is recognition of our technical expertise in craftsmanship.

Being awarded the EPV label is a confirmation that our company masters rare, if not unique, know-how in the creation of extremely high quality products. It also certifies that we are creative and that we are able to respond to even the most unusual requests from our customers. Skins are indeed treated and finished, tools are made, and artisans are trained to ensure that all customers’ made-to-measure requests can be met. This acknowledgment of our will and efforts to accompany our customers’ desires truly is a reward.

Last but not least, the EPV label values a house carrying out production in its native region and demonstrating long-standing ties to the area. In keeping with our attachment to authenticity and tradition, we did our best for all our products to be designed and executed – from the original leather to the final article – in respect to the Made in France spirit in our workshops in the heart of the Franche-Comté region. Today, we are so glad that a demanding international clientele that has a particular appreciation of French culture rewards our loyalty to the values of Made in France. We like to see ourselves as ambassadors for French heritage and culture across national and international markets, so I would like to thank our incredible team as the EPV label makes it possible for us to say we are.

On a more personal note, I must admit I proudly see this distinction as a reward for the efforts I conducted in nurturing the values of excellence for the years to come. I feel it is the responsibility I shall pass on to my daughter Anaïs when I cease to work. Today, after a few years working together, I have absolutely no doubt we share the importance of keeping these values a priority.

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