Our custom-made offer allies an exceptional handmade know-how and a unique sense of customer service

Our custom-made offer allies an exceptional handmade know-how and a unique sense of customer service

by Pascal Dupenloup

Custom-made items are an important part of our work. It is not a coincidence since we are doing our best to develop a customization offer of very high quality. To begin, this offer is exhaustive. We have always cultivated the respect of tradition while constantly pushing towards innovation. Today, we are able to conceive everything in terms of material and finish. We equally work with textile, vegetal material, rubber, fish and exotic skins.  We offer classic finishes as well as very creative ones, such as phosphorescence or message and pictures’ engraving.

This custom-made offer is also consistent. When we develop a new know-how, a new technique or a new product, all of our craftspeople learn how to master it. We make no compromises on this principle: the service we offer must be the same, everywhere in the world.

It gives our client a great freedom when they wish to purchase a customized item. The better they know us, the more precise are their demands. Because they are aware of our handmade technicality, they come to us with ideas of products that do not exist in our catalogue. Clients who approach us for the first time will rather order a classic item but ask for a specific finish. We noticed that these clients often come back later with a more oriented customization idea, as they have realized we were craftspeople and not industrials.

Of course, clients coming to us are looking for the quality of our craftsmen work. But they also appreciate the way we welcome them and the relationship we build with them. Beyond the product, which must be impeccable, we are indeed doing our best to listen to our clients, to adapt our offer to their demand and to identify the ideal solution. Here the human relationship finds its real meaning.

The sense of service is precisely one of our defining features. It is what leads us towards a constant research for improvement. We never save time when it comes to pleasing our clients: at the highest level of Maison Jean Rousseau, we read every comment, study every demand and figure out together ways to achieve perfection. Despite the respect and attention we owe our clients, it is how we build a common vision of our work. We have neither robots nor ready-made solutions to answer their questions. Every employee can be requested to answer a client. A unique experience. That is also what craft spirit is about!



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