Christian Zeron is the founder of Theo & Harris, an online vintage watch retail store and content producer. His is also one of the closest Jean Rousseau partners. For the last three years, Christian Zeron and our teams have indeed imagined and created custom-made straps. Today, Christian gives more details about his relationship with Jean Rousseau.

1. How did you discover Jean Rousseau?

Five years ago, I was in New York looking for a custom-made watchstrap. I had come into the City with the intention of doing business with a different French company but it proved to be impossible for multiple reasons. So I spent three-four hours in different watch boutiques and finally, at a Swiss boutique, someone asks me “Have you heard about Jean Rousseau?” I had not. I went to Jean Rousseau boutique on Madison Avenue and bought my first strap that day. Our partnership started three months later and I’ve been so happy since.


2. Why is Jean Rousseau a great partner when dealing with custom-made items?

Customer service is terrific but I would say access to options and quality. In buying that first strap, I must have had ten or twelve options. And there were hundreds! But after hearing what I wanted, they still gave me 10 options (…) The process of developing anything custom-made requires not only great human interaction but a great level of it. I think the entire business of Jean Rousseau relies on the fact that the company has an ability to understand their clients. Five years later, I still wear that strap.


3. When you think of a new strap for Theo & Harris, what are your precise requirements? And which qualities within Jean Rousseau help meet your demand?

When I think of a new strap, I want the product to be exciting. I want the colors to be vibrant and unique. I want the patterns to be different. Of course, I now take quality and durability as granted.

My relationship with Jean Rousseau for the last three years has been so collaborative. I, as someone who’s not an expert in designing or making straps, have only been able to do what I do because Jean Rousseau excels. When people buy one of my straps, they think that they are buying a Theo & Harris strap. But the truth is that they are buying a Jean Rousseau strap that I help make possible. It is not my resources that people love, it’s yours! The level of quality – not only products but also service – at this company is incredible. I couldn’t be happier.

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